We live on the South Coast of the New Forest in Milford-on-Sea.

We specialise in Miniatures for all your holidays needs in 1/12th scale and now in 1/24th scale.




1/24th Scale Kits.


BBQ black no food
£8.00 each

BBQ with Gas
£10.00 each
BBQ charcoal bags
£3.50 each (black)
BBQ charcoal bags
£3.50 each (blue)
  BBQ Lighter
£1.50 each

Beach Mats £2.00 each.

Beach Towels various colours £1.00 each
Beach Windmills £1.00 each



Beer Bottles£0.70 each Binoculars £6.00 each Book of stamps £1.00 each Bottles Openers £0.50each
Burgers £2.00 each Buttered Rolls in Display box £4.50 each

Camera modern

£8.00 each

Camera & Film

£3.00 set

candyfloss canoe  

Candy Floss on stick

£0.50 each


£10.00 each


£1.00 pack

Chip Shop counter excluding accessories £20.00




Chips shop Fryer

£150.00 each

Chips in tray

£3.00 each

Chips in bag

£1.20 each

Cool Box blue or red

£8.00 each


Drift Wood

£0.20 each

Flip Flops various colours £2.00 pair
Gas Bottle

£4.00 each


Gas Cooker

£5.00 each

Ice Cream Freezer

£50.00 each

Ice Cream Machine

£22.00 each

Newspaper in rack

£5.00 each

Picnic rugs various colours £1.00

Sandcastle flags

£0.50 pack

Seagul Flying

£2.00 each

Seagul standing

£5.00 each

Shell pack Various

£1.00 bag

Bag of Shingle

£1.00 each

Swimsuit adults various colour £4.00 each
Swimsuit childs various colour £3.00 each

Swimming Hats

£1.00 each


Email seasideminiatures@btopenworld.com. Tel 01590 643546 or 07970 484579.